Info on the 1995.5 through 2004 Toyota Tacoma frame recall for rust


Toyota Tacomas are ultra-reliable trucks, but one serious issue that has plagued them is rusty frames.   When I say ‘rusty’ I mean rusty, with frames literally falling apart and collapsing.   You can see photos of the damage on the board if you are worried about your frame and to read other people’s experiences with getting their frames fixed and their trucks bought back.


The good news is Toyota is treating customer’s right and buying back
1995.5 through 2000 model Tacomas with rusty frames and replacing
frames of 2001-2004 Tacomas if the rust is too bad. If your Tacoma
doesn’t have severe rust issues, Toyota is actually resealing your
frame to protect it as well, so make sure you contact your dealer as
soon as possible for more information.

Dealer Communication Letter (From Toyota Corp to all Dealers)…munication.pdf

Warranty Policy Bulletin #POL08-03 (Details about what is covered and VIN ranges)…nty-policy.pdf

Vehicle Inspection Procedure…inspection.pdf

Images courtesy of Fast1 on; his truck had is being bought back by Toyota due to the condition of the frame.

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  1. i bought a 95 tacoma last september and the frame has rusted alot since i purchased it! i didnt know if i could still take it in on the recall or if so when i could? ive heard you must own it atleast 1 year before you can! if anyone could answer my question i would greatly appreciate it! thank you

  2. i am an owner of a 2003 toyota tacoma i perchased it used but atleest a few months before i ever herd of this recal i joind the military soon after i recieved the recall notis in the mail and had it inspected in my home state of vermont around may of 2010 it faild in the delership inspection in vermont however i had to have it shiped to fairbainks AK under military orders wen i braut it to the dealers up here they told me the fraim did not fail and to bring it back in a year my frame has cince crackd a 14.5″ crack just in front of the rear spring mounts and is begining to flex exesavly hew has a legal recamendation to help me my email is thank you for any advice

  3. I have a 2004 tacoma, in 2008 the dealership had me bring it in for a frame inspection. The frame passed inspection and Toyota sprayed the frame with a undercoating, saying they would buy it back for 150% of bb if it rusts within 15 years. Now 4 years later the frame is completely rusted through. Just wondering how anyone else has fared on a post-undercoat buy-back. Just nervous about taking it in and getting screwed.

  4. Have a 06 TRD Sport and seeing rust around the frame rails under the bed and main support behind front wheels. Have had undercoat since truck was new but seems to fall off there. Mud flaps are there to help and I clean the under-carrage often and take good care of the vehicle. Love the truck and would get another in a heart beat but anyone else seeing this on 2006’s.

  5. Of course, just found out that not all tacomas in that 1995-2000 time period are under the recall. I have a 2000 that I tried to have inspected today and dealer said mine didn’t qualify. No idea why. I guess some were made in different plants.

  6. I also have a 2004 and just bought it a couple years ago. Have noticed the extensive rust underneath on the frame. No inspection yet. What have you found out about the bb?

  7. I don’t understand how this recall works, my Truck is a 2000 tacama I found a big 1/4 wide riding up the weld next to the left spring. I will be taking it in on Moday 2/11 can someone email me and tell what they might tell me or how i handel the dealer PLEASE! THANKS

  8. I almost didn’t want to reply to your dribble but just can’t resist… I must say that I agree with Chuck. I own a 2002 Toyota Tacoma and got the same recall notice that everyone else has got. Yes Toyota did “Honor” their recall notice but in my opinion did a sub-par job on the rust proofing job on the frame. After returning it to me the rust proofing that was applied was still tacky for almost 1 year. When ever I would do an oil change I would reach my arm in thru the drivers side wheel well only to pull back my fore-arm covered in tar. On top of that the frame was never properly cleaned before the rust proofing was applied. 3 years later the rust proofing is peeling off from the frame and I get another recall from Toyota stating the Spare tire rack could fail dropping the tire and cause an accident that I will be notified sometime in future about how Toyota will decide to fix this. Is this going to be another Toyota Recall Band-Aid?

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