Info on the 1995.5 through 2004 Toyota Tacoma frame recall for rust


Toyota Tacomas are ultra-reliable trucks, but one serious issue that has plagued them is rusty frames.   When I say ‘rusty’ I mean rusty, with frames literally falling apart and collapsing.   You can see photos of the damage on the board if you are worried about your frame and to read other people’s experiences with getting their frames fixed and their trucks bought back.


The good news is Toyota is treating customer’s right and buying back
1995.5 through 2000 model Tacomas with rusty frames and replacing
frames of 2001-2004 Tacomas if the rust is too bad. If your Tacoma
doesn’t have severe rust issues, Toyota is actually resealing your
frame to protect it as well, so make sure you contact your dealer as
soon as possible for more information.

Dealer Communication Letter (From Toyota Corp to all Dealers)…munication.pdf

Warranty Policy Bulletin #POL08-03 (Details about what is covered and VIN ranges)…nty-policy.pdf

Vehicle Inspection Procedure…inspection.pdf

Images courtesy of Fast1 on; his truck had is being bought back by Toyota due to the condition of the frame.